Brian Dijkema

Brian Dijkema is the Vice President of External Affairs with Cardus, and an editor of Comment magazine. Prior to joining Cardus, Brian worked for almost a decade in labour relations in Canada after completing his master’s degree with Cardus Senior Fellow, Jonathan Chaplin. He has also done work on international human rights, with a focus on labour, economic, and social rights in Latin America and China.

Christian Sexual Liberation

On the sex lives of the Holy Family.


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Memento Mori

WWhat am I looking for? An out of date announcement of my own death? —Stephen Maturin via Patrick O'BrienI see it most clearly the morning after a late night, or at the end of a long and tiresome day. I straighten from the bow I take when I wash my face, I take a...

Headquarters: Work & Economics

Economics is important, but it's not the most important part of life. In fact, you could say it's too important of a second thing to make it a first thing. Doing so would corrupt it. This might seem a counterintuitive move to make for a research program about...

Surprising Evidences of Unity

Knowing where we overlap, and where we differ, allows all of us to be more effective witnesses in the public square.

The Enchanted Animal

The story Brooks tells—while filling in the reductionist modern narratives about what we really are—includes some flimsy, charm-like religion inserted as science.

Beauty and the Best of It

John Stackhouse and Gregory Wolfe contribute, in surprisingly similar ways, to a renaissance of excellent books on how Christian faith relates to broader cultural questions.

Why Eagleton Is Half-Right

In the end, Eagleton does not do much work to convince the reader why she should follow Marx. And we receive no robust vision for the rightly-ordered life here. Instead of resurrection, we are offered tragedy and death and the hope of some undescribed egalitarian future.

Promise of Rain

There are some weather phenomena that can’t truthfully be described as indifferent.

I, like a tomato plant

Patience, persistence, forgiveness, reflection, discipline—all can be learned with soil in one’s hands

Living with Liberalism: six strategies for faithfulness

Liberalism is a powerful cultural force that protects individuals and human rights, but hangs marriages and families out with the rest of the laundry. It banishes historical religious convictions, only to promote its own faith-in-reason structures instead. How does one go about living under the influence of such idolatry?