Brian Dijkema

Brian Dijkema is the Vice President of External Affairs with Cardus, and an editor of Comment.

Virtue Must Advertise

Why virtue signalling is a good and human thing and efforts to suppress it will lead to social disaster.


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Memento Mori

What am I looking for? An out of date announcement of my own death? —Stephen Maturin via Patrick O'Brien I see it most clearly the morning after a late night, or at the end of a long and tiresome day. I straighten from the bow I take when I wash my face, I take a...

Who’s Afraid of Social Justice?

A robust defense of justice as commanded for the Christian, enacted by the Church, and defined for the world—from a talk that Comment Senior Editor Brian Dijkema gave at the Davenant Institute’s 2019 Convivium Irenicum in Lake Lanier, South Carolina.